[Sun Managers] Administrivia: Mailing list changes

From: Robert Montjoy (Rob_Montjoy@ECECS.UC.EDU)
Date: Fri Dec 01 2000 - 12:34:21 CST

Dear Sun Manager List Subscriber:

The Sun Managers list is getting a new permanent home at


The NEW list will start subscriptions on December 1, 2000. The OLD
list located at sun-managers@sunmanagers.ececs.uc.edu will stop
taking subscription requests on the same day.

Existing List Subscribers MUST RE-SUBSCRIBE via Mailman at


by January 2, 2001 or they will stop receiving Sun Managers postings. We
will NOT be carrying forth the OLD subscriber list. Also, you will need to
unsubscribe from the OLD sun managers list via

We are discouraging the use of secondary exploder lists. We would much
prefer that all users subscribed to the list are "Real" and not another
list address.

In addition to the standard Sun Managers list we will be providing
a "Summary Only" digest list. You can subscribe at

We will be making complete archives of all Sun Managers posts available via
the web at www.sunmanagers.org.

Just a remindar before posting read the guidelines at

We want to think Bill Bradford of Sun Help fame (www.sunhelp.org which is
great Sun resource) for hosting this service.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Rob Montjoy - Systems Engineer    - University of Cincinnati - DEPT OF ECECS
E-Mail: Rob_Montjoy@ececs.uc.EDU  - Personal or Other E-Mail
	action@ececs.uc.edu       - For ECECS Network and Workstation Support.

-- One seldom sees a monument to a committee. S U BEFORE POSTING please READ the FAQ located at N ftp://ftp.cs.toronto.edu/pub/jdd/sun-managers/faq . and the list POLICY statement located at M ftp://ftp.cs.toronto.edu/pub/jdd/sun-managers/policy A To submit questions/summaries to this list send your email message to: N sun-managers@sunmanagers.ececs.uc.edu A To unsubscribe from this list please send an email message to: G majordomo@sunmanagers.ececs.uc.edu E and in the BODY type: R unsubscribe sun-managers S Or . unsubscribe sun-managers original@subscription.address L To view an archive of this list please visit: I http://www.latech.edu/sunman.html S T

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