SUMMARY: problem with dtpad in Solaris 8

From: rnf (
Date: Thu Nov 30 2000 - 16:32:47 CST

Thanks to the following for the answer.

Loper Robert-RLOPER1 <>
Ericka Fowler <>

Using dtpad -standAlone did the trick.


dtpad uses the ToolTalk interfaces a lot to allow editing among multiple CDE
apps. Try running "dtpad -standAlone <filename>" to turn off this

Hope this helps...

 - Robert Loper

From: Ericka Fowler <>

Hi Rick,
are you su'ing or rlogging into root?
I've seen this problem before in that scenario:

Here's what I found as a workaround:

Solaris8 has enhanced restrictions for ttsession, as a result after an su or
rlogin to another user and then bringing up dtpad OR DTMAIL, you must do

1) ttsession -c ; dtpad


2) dtpad -standAlone

Original message:

Hi Managers,

I'm having a problem running the dtpad editor as root on a Solaris 8
machine. As
a non-root user I can run the program OK but I get this error as root:

ttdt_open failed: TT_ERR_PROCID The process id passed is not valid.

Other desktop apps (dtcalc, dtterm, etc.) run OK when I run them as root.

Any ideas?



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