[SUMMARY] RCP Ownership Problems

From: Ahmed, Nabeel (Nabeel_Ahmed@bose.com)
Date: Thu Nov 30 2000 - 11:35:54 CST


The replies came so fast I was taken aback. Appreciate the help.
Lots of you pointed out, mostly politely that I was not using the right tool
for the job. nfs and rcp are a huge nyet.
nfs uses nobody instead of root by default and thus my original problem.
Some people suggested using rcp with -p option, but that was what I had
tried and that doesnt work.

There were a number of other suggestions, the one I used is:

Charles Gagnon
 # tar -cpf - /home | rsh target "( cd /home; tar -xvpf - )"
Though I wonder, since this is tar, would it break at the 2GB limit?

The other options are:

Charles Gagnon / Eric van de Meerakker / Moti Levy / Steve Elliot
 # ufsdump 0f - /home | rsh target "( cd /home; ufsrestore xf - )"

Scott Rae
 # find <dir>/ -print |cpio -oc |remsh <host 2> "cd <target dir>;cpio

Paul LaMadeleine / Joe Fletcher / Moti Levy
 # (rsh remotenode tar -cvf - /home) | tar -xvf -

Tim Evans / Khalid Fuad
 # man rdist

Bruce Zimmer / Russ Poffenberger
 # cd /home
 # tar -cf - . | compress |rsh othermachine "(cd /home;uncompress | tar -xf
- .)"

David Evans - 2 Solutions
 # cd <mount point of the old machine /home>
 # tar cpf - * | (cd /home; tar xpf - )
 # cd <mount point>
 # for i in *
> do
> su $i -c "cd $i; tar cpf - * | (cd /home/$i; tar xpf - )
> done

I guess thats it. And in the time that it took me to write this summary, my
file system has been copied. Thanks again Charles and all the rest.

Good Day.

-----Original Message-----


I am trying to copy /home filesystem from one machine to another. First I
tried doing it using nfs mount, but for some reason, it didnt copy any files
which didnt have world read permission. So I tried doing an rcp, this
worked, but this one doesnt preserve all the ownerships. But I can correct
those ownerships manually. I wonder if this is normal? If so, does any one
have a script which would compare the ownership on the original hosts /home
and fix the ownerships on the copied /home?


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