Summary Detecting Network Card Speed

From: Alan Scott (QAS) (
Date: Thu Nov 30 2000 - 02:34:46 CST

 First thanks to all of the following most hit it right on the head.

Original question below followed by summary.

Gents your 15 seconds of fame :)

Matthew Mauzy
John D Groenveld
Changa Anderson
Moti Levy
Dan Liebster
Douglas Lee
Benjamin Ritcey
Paul Boot
David Evans
Russ Poffenberger
Bageshwar X Kumar
Mark Sherman
Sean Quaint
Perrier Kent
Bill Hewitt
William Hathaway
Stephen Forbes

   Original question:
  We have a remote backup server, ULTRA 1, solaris 2.7.
The NIC is running at 10Mbs half duplex.
I would like to run it at 100Mbs Full duplex, but I am not sure if it is capable of this speed, how do find out if it is capable of running at 100Mbs without having to drive 120 miles and open up the box?.

   The majority said,
   if the nic is an le - it's only 10mb,
   if it's an hme - it's 10/100.
   ndd -get /dev/hme 100fdx_cap
   1 means it can support it, 0 means it can't.

 Many thanks for the speedy replies.
 Apologies if I missed out anyone.

It is an hme dev and reportedly supports 100mbps.



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