SUMMARY: Installing Network support

From: Paul Lemmons (
Date: Wed Nov 29 2000 - 17:22:21 CST

Thanks to all who offered their advice in getting past my hurdle. I got many
responses. Most said much the same thing. Here, is a selection of what was

You can add it later. Just use /usr/sbin/sys-unconfig .
Then plug in network.
reboot -s
add any default required to /etc/defaultrouter
cntr-D ( to continue boot)

It will then ask about locale , ip name and address etc


I, too, received that "An error has occurred ..." message, but while setting
up a new Ultra-5 that shipped with both Solaris
7 and 8 on the disk. At powerup, the system asked me which version I wanted
installed, and I chose Solaris 8.
That error message appeared after specifying machine name, date, time, all
the network stuff. Sun support said that is a well-known problem when
installing Solaris 8 using the shipped image on the disk. The work-around
is to specify a stand-alone config; once completely set up as a stand-alone,
run sys-unconfig and reboot -- NOW say it is on a network and give all the
network info.


There is a bug in the install that causes this error if you select DNS as
your name service and the select DNS servers that are on a different subnet
to the machine your are installing. In this case put fake DNS servers in
and edit /etc/resolv.conf afterwards.


You can do low-level network testing at the "ok" prompt. Simply type
"test-net" and "watch-net" to see if you have a live connection.


What I finally wound up doing was installing and specifying "None" for the
DNS. This let me get installed. I then when into /etc and updated the
nsswitch.conf file to turn on the DNS lookup and then added a resolv.conf
file and rebooted. All came up well. Though this particular scenario was not
any of the ones given to me, the suggestions supplied gave me a starting
place to find a solution. Thanks to all!

Original Note:

I have a Sun Ultra-80 workstation and am in the process of installing
Solaris-8 on it. I am running into some difficulties and have a couple

First, does the install process actually verify the network connection is
live? If it is not live would it give the most unhelpful message "An error
has occurred configuring the system. Please go back and check your

Second, If I were to install as a stand-alone without network support, would
it be difficult to add later?

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