[SUMMARY]: Netbackup and ATL libraries - any license required?

From: sajan s (s_sajan@yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Nov 28 2000 - 22:47:52 CST

Hi all,
Got quick reply from White Kelvin,Chandrasekhar Kalle, Jeff Kennedy,
and mjohnson@forsythesolutions. Thanks all especially Mr. Chandrasekhar
for a detailed reply.

Original Post
> Hi,
> We have veritas netbackup installed in our sun box and are planning
> to
> buy ATL P1000 DLT tape library (2 drive 30 slot configuration) Our
> representative hinted some licensing is required for using the ATL
> for
> maximum features.
> Is this true?
> If it is, how can a check whether it is currently license is
> installed
> for all features or not? (It was installed by some one else and I am
> new to netbackup)

I forgot to mention netbackup version - it is 3.2GA.

Some replies are:
"White, Kelvin" <KWhite@talisman-energy.com> wrote:
Veritas will charge you for a robotics device fee as well as a drive
Chandrasekhar Kalle <ckalle@nms.fnc.fujitsu.com> wrote:
What version of Netbackup are you running?
For all versions below 3.4, Veritas does not
embed licensing in the software, which means
you *can* use the P1000 technically without
any problems, but if you are audited you'll
land into trouble.
Yes, you will need to purchase 2 tape drive
support licenses (for the software to support
your DLT drives). Veritas requires you to purchase
one license per tape drive.
If you already are using DLT drives, talk to
your Veritas Sales Rep- maybe you dont have to
spend those extra bucks.
There is no way to check what licenses exist
because the licenses are only on paper- not
installed on the system.
"Jeff Kennedy" <jkennedy@amcc.com> wrote:
>From ATL's standpoint I don't think there are any licensing
requirements, however Veritas does have licensing requirements to be
able to use a library.
mjohnson@forsythesolutions.com wrote:
Yes, this is absolutely true. It needs to be licensed so that
NetBackup can
appropriately address the features and functions thereof. Contact your
local Value Added Reseller

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