SUMMARY: RE: Unable to boot Solaris 7, cdrom on Netra 1405

From: Bill Fay (
Date: Tue Nov 28 2000 - 11:08:57 CST

Thanks to all that responded so quickly. The right answer comes from
Douglas Lee who referenced the Sun FE handbooks. It seems that the Netra
1405 requires minimum of Solaris 7, HW build 8/99. I was using 10/98.
Thanks Doug, and to all those that took the time to try to help.

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I received a batch of Netra 1405's and E450's for buildout yesterday. This
is a fairly sop. We are currently building a mix of Solaris 7 and Solaris 8
machines. This being the case, I have built numerous machines with Sol.7/8
ranging from Netra T1's to E4500's. No problems at all, even with Sol.6
requiring the OEI CD. Now for some reason, attempting to boot cdrom
(Solaris 7, Server Configuration, p/n 704-6333-11, Oct.8, 1998 Rev.A) on new
Netra 1405 (2x440Mhz., 1GB, 2 x 18GB, and cdrom...which I installed) I get a
message indicating that it cannot find the boot file.

The CDROM is properly installed and displays properly with "probe-scsi"
along with all the disks. The access light flashes when the boot process is
attempted also. Additionally, it can boot a Solaris 8 CDROM. I suppose
that the Solaris 7 cdrom has been corrupted somehow since it has been around
for a while. I keep all of my cdrom's stored and filed in an appropriate

I suppose that the only reasonable explanation is that the Solaris 7 CDROM
is bad unless one of you know of some kind of a compatibility issue between
the Netra 1405 and the revision of Solaris 7 that I am attempting to use.
No, I have not tried another Netra 1405 yet..... I typically build one,
clone the boot disk, repeat the process and migrate boot disks. However, in
this instance I intend to integrate a second 1405 for a sanity check.

Hoping to hear from someone... even if it is something stupid that I have

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