SUMMARY: Yet Another E10K Config Question

From: Caparrosso, Nelson T. (AAS) (
Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 08:01:19 CST

Thanks to those that responded.

- no one could certainly say that SB 0 is non DRable but most of you said
that the SB containing the boot CPU cannot be DRed.
- the E10K configurator will be able to determine the right mix of
components. Most of you said that yes it is possible to use a SunSwift Card.
- some had suggested having an extra SB as a 'floater board' for DR

Many thanks.

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> Subject: Yet Another E10K Config Question
> Esteemed Gurus and E10K SysAds:
> I am practically new to the E10K and am drawing up plans for the config,
> etc. We're planning to have an E10K with about 5 domains in it(2 x 2 board
> production domains, 4 single board development), I just have some queries
> if you may:
> - should i avoid configuring a production domain that will have board 0
> (supposedly non DRable)?
> - what's the best mix of having production and development domains? is it
> really safe to have both?
> - if i will have a single board domain (4 Sbus slots), can I utilize a
> SunSwift card (network and SCSI)
> as well as a Sun Unipack/MultiPack as boot disk - to conserve slots?
> Many thanks.
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