Summary: Memory problem

From: Alessandro Zibellini (
Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 04:04:55 CST

Thanks to Richard Cove, Kevin Buterbaugh and Giorgio Mantini for their

Probably a graphics patch issue you didn't say which os but here is the
likely patches from a 2.7 machine. Download patchdiag from sunsolve and
check out what you are missing.

Patch Installed Latest Synopsis
  ID Revision Revision
------ --------- --------
106146 07 16 SunOS 5.7: M64 Graphics Patch
106147 06 CURRENT SunOS 5.7: VIS/XIL Graphics Patch
106148 12 CURRENT SunOS 5.7: XFB Graphics Patch

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Subject: memory problem

Dear all,

I've a strange memory problem occurring on an ultra10.
The configuration is the following:

512mb RAM
Processor UltraSPARC-IIi 333MHz

The problem is that as soon as a few applications run on this machine,
I've the memory up to 100% busy and the X display frozen. This happens
randomly and is well cured with a reboot. Any clue?
Please, noter that the latest recommended patches are installed on this

Thanks, will summarize


     You're obviously doing some sort of performance monitoring to
the memory shortfall. What tool(s) are you using?

     Is your memory 100% utilized or is it more like 99.5% utilized? If
it's 99.5% utilized, what version of Solaris are you running? All
of Solaris 2.x prior to Solaris 2.8 utilize almost all available memory
a filesystem data cache, so very little free memory does not necessarily
indicate a memory shortfall. Much more important is the scan rate (what
your scan rate, BTW?), which can be measured with either vmstat (the
column) or sar -g (the "pgscan/s" column). If you're running Solaris
or earlier and your scan rate is less than 273 pages / second, then you
don't have a memory shortfall.

     What kinds of statistics are you seeing relating to CPU, disk, and
network utilization? What application does the server run? Is the
application possibly trying to allocate more memory than is available?
What is your swap space utilization ("swap -l")? If you're using up all
available swap space, adding more might solve the problem.

     I know I asked a ton of questions in this e-mail ... just trying to
give you some ideas on some things to look at. Hope this helps...

Kevin Buterbaugh

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