Summary: MAC ID of Host Adapter Card

From: Haydee Y Ching/adtxp (
Date: Thu Nov 23 2000 - 23:15:01 CST

Still until now, i didn't receive any reply as to how to get the MAC ID of
a Host Adapter Card. I am actually speaking of how to get the WWN of any
attached card. e.g. SCSI card, Fibre Channel card...

still, i'd like to thank Imre for his reply, which i have included below,
and i'd also like to thank zhouna....

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In FC terms you have WWN (world wide name) and WWPN (world wide port name),
you have a WWN per host, and WWPN per adapter (or port if there are more
on an adapter)
These numbers are reported by the driver software at boot time (at least
Qlogic and Jaycore does this) so you need to look into `dmesg' output:

Example for a QLA2200F/66:

Nov 16 15:17:06 rama qla2200: [ID 364886]
Nov 16 15:17:06 rama qla2200: [ID 358785]

I don't yet know how to query the adapters directly, but I think
there should be a way for that too.


Imre Kolos e-mail:
mgr. IT tel: +36 1 4377814
Ericsson Ltd. Hungary fax: +36 1 4377715

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