SUMMARY: sendmail error

From: Leonard, Roger (
Date: Wed Nov 22 2000 - 09:14:21 CST

Solaris 2.6, recent patching running as a sendmail server for a large
solaris NIS domain. mailserver has been up for months and no known changes
have taken place.


when logging into a NIS client as root the error "mail: Invalid permissions
on /var/mail/root"

is displayed and you can't read roots mail. all other non-root mail
ok. the mailserver is exporting /var/spool/mail via automounter
map which hasn't changed and it appears to mount ok on the clients. when i
looked at the permissions on /var/spool/mail/root on the mailserver it was
set to 660 and the owner was an unknown uid. i chmoded to 600 and chowned
to root but still the message persists. does anyone know what the
permissions/ownership should be for roots mail file and what could be
causing this problem?


Bottom line was that the /var/spool/mail/root file needs to be owned by user
nobody in my environment because of the way it is exported to the clients.
exporting is as root=machinename will resolve this problem. many thanks to
all who responded.
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