SUMMARY:Re: Write permission for a NIS auto_home share....

From: Nikul Raval (
Date: Wed Nov 22 2000 - 02:57:45 CST

Thanks to all who responded.
Special Thanks a bunch to Darren Dunham for the explaination below...
I gave the fully qualified name in the dfstab, stopped and started daemon and
that did it.
Thanks again for the quick reply.
Hats off.....

" /C=us" on 11/21/2000 02:18:41 PM

Subject: Re: Write permission for a NIS auto_home share....

> Server in question: Ultra 3000 Running Solaris 2.6 loaded with Dec99 Patch
> cluster....
> NIS Server: Solaris 2.6 and same patch cluster
> I have a server that is not able to write to filesystems coming
> from auto_home NIS map. The serever is listed amongst other systems
> on which root can modify this filesystem. Root is able to write to this
> filesystem and others
> on other listed servers while it fails on this one.
> I manually NFS mount and still root can not write to i
> It's just this one...

Without seeing the share line it's just a guess, but the most common
reason is that the IP address of the client does not resolve to the
exact same name that is listed in the root= access list.

Usually it's because one side is fully qualified and the other side is
just the short name. That works fine for most applications, but not for

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