SUMMARY A3500 and FC Cards

From: Ahmed, Nabeel (
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 15:14:51 CST

Sorry for the mangled diagram in the earlier mail.
Hope this time it will get to you fine.

Finally what I did was to RTFM properly. The rm6 user guide has the answers
to all the questions that I raised.

It has the layouts for both the options which I listed out. Though it doesnt
have a comparision between the two, no mention of what configuration might
be better under certain circumstances.

Adding the new card is simple enough. Just pop the card into the E450 and
connect the cable from A3500 to the card.
After that all the configuration has to be done from rm6.

The steps involved are :
a) The second controller has to be brought online.
b) It maybe made active, if you want to distribute the LUN's over both the
controllers. This should result in performance improvement.
Thats about it.
Happy Holidays.

Thanks a lot and appreciate the patience.

-----Original Message-----

I have two E450's connected to A3500 as follows :
                                                | |
                                        Port1 |___________| Port 2 of
controller 1, unused.
                                ----------->||Cont 1 ||<-----
                                | |-----------|
                Host 1 | | |
Host 2
                _______ | | |
                | | | |___________|Port 2
| |
                | |------ ----->||Cont 2 ||<----------------| |
                | | Port 1 of|-----------|
| |
                | | Controller 2| |
| |
                | | Unused | |
| |
                ------- -------------

Now, I have got a new FC card for Host 1.
Can someone help me figure out how to install it in Host 1 and connect it to
My options are :
a) Pop the card into Host1 and connect it to Port 2 of Controller 1 on
b) Pop the card into Host1 and connect it to Port 1 of Controller 2 on
Presently the RM6 shows that both the controllers on A3500 are configured in
independent mode of operation, and are inaccessible from the other Host. ie.
Cont1 is inaccessible from Host2 and vice-versa.
My other question is:
If I do (a) above, would I see any performance improvement?
and if I do (b) above, would the system work at all?
I am sending this to the Veritas list too, coz there are a lot of people
there who work with this kind of stuff and also, I run Veritas on the E450's
for volume management.

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