[SUMMARY] Solaris 2.6 pkg question

From: Ann Waters (Ann.Waters@kp.org)
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 10:28:24 CST

Thanks to Mike Salehi, Gavin Brennan, Marc (cram@greenavenger.com), Michael Hill,
Dave Malhotra, Bryan Moore, and shaigh@squaretrade.com for their responses to my questions
regarding multiple installs and pkg updates. (My original questions are below). Most
everyone indicated that my approach might not be the safest given libraries, system files,
binaries, etc. that may be updated behind the scenes during the install and other pkg
files that might be affected. Suggestions for alternatives included: package answer files
(pkgask), rdist or rsync, expect, and cfengine.

Thanks again for the suggestions/responses. They were most helpful!

Original submission:

I have a product that I need to install on 50 different servers. The
installation process adds package information to /var/sadm/pkg. Rather than
running the installation on all 50 boxes, can I do the following:

1. Create a tarball of the installed software (ie. tar cvf newstuff.tar
2. Create a tarball of the /var/sadm/pkg (ie. tar cvf newstuffpkg.tar
3. FTP the two tarballs across to each box and then untar them.

The installation process is pretty cumbersome and doesn't lend itself to being
 scripted. That's why I thought that perhaps I could try the procedure
 outlined above. Would I be missing something or screwing something up in the
 long run by doing it the tarball way?

Ann Waters
Kaiser Permanente
Silver Spring, MD

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