SUMMARY: Increasing size of NGROUPS_MAX

From: Bruce Perttunen (
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 10:00:48 CST

Here is my original post :

I am moving our company's intranet from HP to Solaris 6 and need to give
our Intranet manager write access to each departments files. Each
department on our web site is owned by different group and has several
users belonging to that group which can make changes to the web site.
So, I would like to give him access to all of the groups. Unfortunately,
it seems Solaris 6 defaults to only allowing a user to belong to 16
groups. And since we have over 120 departments, the math doesn't work.

I came across the "NGROUPS_MAX" parameter in /usr/include/limits.h. Does
anyone know of any adverse consequences of increasing this from 16 to

Thanks for all the responses. Unfortunately, this was not able to be
resolved by increasing NGROUPS_MAX since this can only be increased to 32.
Suggestions included ACL's or sudo. I did some testing with the ACL's and
they seem to have solved the problem. I created a group and gave this group
permission to write to each departments home directory (which is their web
site). Special thanks to Casper Dik for including the setfacl syntax in his
reply :

        find <directory> | xargs setfacl -m u:manager:7,m:7
        find <directory> -type d | xargs setfacl -m \

Bruce Perttunen
Unix Systems Administrator
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

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