SUMMARY: (first summary) CAP (Columbia Appletalk Package) and Solaris 8

From: Gerard Henry (
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 04:08:07 CST

Here is my original question:
> Anyone uses CAP60 on solaris 8? I see this is a requested program on
> sunfreeware site, but i'm trying to recompile the sources for my
> sparc/solaris8.
> I can't compile, i've very strange errors:
> Perhaps, CAP has to be ported to solaris8?

About CAP:
no developpment under solaris8, but Ed Keizer says he compile it on
solaris 2.5.1, and executes it on solaris 8, without problems. He gives
me binaries and it works, but it's difficult to use because binaries use
config files that are not the same than mine.

But for some people, i have to use netatalk, because it's better. Tim
Carlson gave me a precompiled version for solaris 8, and i install it.
But i can't use like i want, because i don't see a manual anywhere, and
i can't configure netatalk to log users, and to log the use of the
printer from macintosh. The man pages say nothing about logs.

This is my first summary, because i'm currently trying to install CAP
and concurrently netatalk, i'll summarize again, when i will success

Thanks to all:
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