SUMMARY:(SBUS adaptor)

From: Murat Bayrakci (
Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 16:06:45 CST

        Thanks managers.. I am sure more answers are on the way. I'll write them
as they come..

My original question was:
Hi managers,
I have an E3500 with 2 I/O boards, and need to connect this to
Compaq SAN
switches , so that I can see 12 tape drives in StorageTek L700 via fiber
optic cables . This has to be done - Here is Important part- via
FABRIC , not Fiber Channel Arbitrary Loop. I am told that Gbics cannot
support fabric. I know that JNI cards do support. I am just wandering how
many other SBUS card options do I have to be able to achieve this
I 'll certainly summarise...
Thanks in advance,,

Nelson Caparrosso wrote:

You could get either an Emulex Lightpulse (dunno if there's a SBus version)
or JNI's FC64-1063 SBus FC HBA's. Each FC should be able to handle 6 drives
each (either 8940's or DLT 7000/8000's)

Darren Dunham :

We used mainly JNI cards. Emulex makes cards, but I'm pretty sure that
they're straight PCI. No sbus.
Generally the storagetek folks certify particular cards and particular
drivers for their equipment on an operating system.
I would get their list for Solaris and use one of the combinations.

Otto Doug:

It's important to make the distinction between GBIC and interface. A GBIC
is basically the generally FRU laser module in your fibre interface; not a
type of interface.
The SUN flavor is an NL-port interface; a node port with arbitrated loop
capabilities. You require an F or FL port interface to participate in a
fabric based SAN. That requires the use of a JNI or other 3rd party
interface at this time.

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