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Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 07:41:33 CST


Thanks to the great many replies.

Hector Davie and Jerry Springer both wrote to tell me that if a break causes
me to drop to the Lantronix server, I can simply type "send brk" at the
Lantronix prompt, then "resume" to go back into the system.

Richard Cove and Frank Smith suggested changing the Solaris break character
to something else, with documents showing how this is done. If anyone is
interested, email me and I will forward them on to you.

Alexandre Perematko and Jim Winkle suggested updating the firmware.

Dave Dunaway reminds me to verify that the front key is not in the locked
position, which will cause the system to ignore break sequences.

Andreas confirms that my "set/def port all break remote" parameter was
correct and sent a sample Lantronix configuration.

Cisco <> was recommended by Jim Winkle and Shaun Irwin.

Aurora Technologies <> was recommended by Dave
Harrington and Clifford Thurber.

Livingston (recently purchased by Lucent) <> was
recommended by George Schlossnagle.

Lightwave <> was recommended by Timothy Lorenc and
Bill Fay.

Thanks for all the responses. Original question below.

Hi all,

We have a Lantronix terminal server that is attached to several different
types of systems (Sun, IBM, HP, etc). In general, it works fine, but no
matter how we configure it, we can't seem to get it to pass a "break"
through to a Sun machine. Sending a break either 1) drops the TS back into
the main menu, or 2) is stripped out of the stream and does nothing.

Having the ability to drop into the firmware when the system is hosed is a
Good Thing(TM), and currently we cannot. My boss is after me to purchase a
second terminal server, this time for a location with many Sun machines.

Has anyone been able to configure these TS's to send breaks? The interface
to this TS is very VMS-like (i.e. "set port # break remote").

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good TS that works well with Sun?

TIA, and I will summarize (I know I've seen questions like this on the list
before, but I searched the archives, and found nothing).

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