SUMMARY: Software questions

Date: Sat Nov 18 2000 - 07:11:35 CST

These were my questions

>1) Will there ever be a Netscpae 6 version for Solaris? Any rumors when?

>2) The more important question. Is there any software available that can shadow
>a session. Imagine the situation in a lab where the students are discussing a
>programing problem. To make it viewable for the other students the teacher
>should shadow the complete session or only the dtpad or IDE from the student
>and display it via a beamer. Anything available ?

add 1) Because the final release of Netscape6 is out and only a linux version on
the downloadpage of Netscape (and its mirrors) is available I was wondering if
there's support.
Netscpae for sun is on
but only the last prerelease.

add 2) Most of you mentioned VNC. I knew VNC and I'm useing it to access a
remote NT server & shadow NT sessions. But the setup for NT was easy. When I
first thought of shadowing a unix/solaris/cde session I've tried VNC but
coulnd't figure out how to use it in the right way. I still don't get it (it's
shure my fault, maybe I'm too stupid!). First off all, it's not possible to
shadow an existing Session [ this is a Sunray lab ]. A possibility is to create
a shared session between the teacher and a student. But this much to complicate
(these are first semester students), I don't want the student to start or do
anything . Beside that it raises security issues (XVnc under which userid,
password etc.) ...


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