SUMMARY: Ultra 1 internal SCSI Bus

From: Jay Morgan (
Date: Fri Nov 17 2000 - 09:41:39 CST

I received replies from the following individuals:
David Evans, Timothy Lorenc, Steve Hastings, Martin Baldenegro,
Andrew Petrov, and Allan West.
To each, I thank you.

Below is a summary of the answers I received, with the questions I asked.

>Hi all,
>I am looking at adding a new disk drive to my Ultra 1/143. It
>currently has only a 2GB drive. I would like to add a 9GB or larger
>drive to it, as well as an internal CD-ROM.
>My issues are as follows:
>1. I know that the internal hard drives need to be low profile 80
>pin SCA SCSI. However I don't know if it needs to be single-ended
>or Low Voltage Differential (LVD) I haven't been able to find
>adequate documentation to determine this.

The Ultra 1 internal bus is Single-ended.

>2. Does anyone know of the limitations of what speed/capacity/brand
>drive I can put in this box? I'm thinking of a 9 or 18 GB 7200 RPM
>disk from one of the major vendors (IBM, Seagate, Maxtor...) I
>don't feel like paying a premium for a "Sun" branded disk, when I
>can get a perfectly fine (possibly identical) disk from another
>vendor. This is not a system under Sun maintenance, and is not a
>mission critical system. It is my personal testbed box.

It looks like just about any drive will probably work, but one would
have to be careful about the amount of generated heat. I think my
original thought will probably work best for me; 9 or 18GB 7200 RPM
drive, and I may decide to remove the current drive.

The answers I received on this were:
a. Look up the web for a master list of /etc/format.dat. This is the
file that the kernel uses to findout a drives ID and geometry. It's a
simple ASCII file so you can edit it yourself if you know what to do.
b. I have personally successfully used a Seagate 9.1 GB ST39102LC HDD
c. I am running 2 18gb single ended scsi Seagate 10k rpm cheetah
drives in 4 of my ultra 1's. The ultra 1's also use spud brackets to
mount the drives, but I have had problems with aftermarket ones and
would recommend going to sun for these, you won't regret the small
amount more to pay, verse the hasseles and I bought 2 dozen off brand
and returned them all they didn't work correctly in my d1000's.
d. I'm not sure what you can use 9 or 18 Gb drive as internal. That
way is not recommended because this drives are tend to overheating. I
use 4 Gb drive (Seagate) as internal and other (9 and 18 Gb) as
e. I'm using am 18GB Seagate drive from Bason in my personal Ultra-1. I removed
the original drive to lessen the effects of the bigger, hotter drive.

>3. Can anyone recommend a good CD-ROM drive model that will work
>internally, and boot my ultra-1?

Sounds like Toshiba is the winner here

The answers on this one were:
a. Any will do so long as you can set the jumpers to 512k blocks.
Most drives are set to 1024 or 2048 but can be set lower. Sun only
recognises 512 (unless something has changed recently).
b. Definitely use a Toshiba, I have a 40X SCSI in an Ultra1 because
the orig died
c. I use Tochiba CD-ROM drive in my Ultra 1

>4. Can anyone recommend some good vendors for the above mentioned
>parts, as well as mounting rails/hw for installation?

I'll just list the answers on this one. I'll be researching this one
a bit more to find the best prices.

a. *** for rails ***
*** for rails ***
*** for HDD and CD-ROM ***
b. Try for the drives, and they can get you the
sun spud brackets cheaper than direct from sun. I think the drives
were 400-650 can't remember, been a while.
c. Bill at Bason can match you up with the right drive and also sell
you the "SPUD" bracket which makes it fit in Ultra- and
Enterprise-series machines.
   Bason Computers
   Bill Coffin is the knowledgable guy
   800-238-4453 x111 voice
   818-727-9064 fax
   Sun SPUD HD bracket $50
   7:30-7:30 PST
d. A list of Sun compatible hardware vendors:
Bay State Computer Group- 617-623-3100 Steve Hiltz Boston, MA
CIC Systems 781-255-3393 Kristine Lake Boston, MA
CIC-Systems 800-426-7539
Concorde Group 800-333-2786
Computer Connection 315-724-2209 Utica, NY
Falcon Systems
Marathon Sparc Solutions 800-783-7354 Julie Hall Mtn View, CA.
Mendelson Associates 415-339-0200 Sausalito, CA
Pacific Computer Expansions 714-458-5738 Rial
Partners Data Systems 800-550-3005 San Diego, CA
Rave Computer 800-317-7283 John Casbar
Seltech Marketing 216-338-3663 Charlie Butters
Solar Systems 800-253-5764
Spring Lake Comp. Exch. 800-826-2196
Star Systems Engineering, Inc. 717-854-5911 John D. Malick York PA
Tom Dowd Computer Connection 800-566-4786 x227
Vangard ( formerly R-Squared ) 800-777-3478
Western Scientific 619-565-6699 David Jensen
Work Group Solutions 791-238-8537 Marlon Acuna Boston, MA
World Data Products 800-553-0592

Also, the following site has a short list of Sun Resellers:

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