Summary: Login Hangs!!

From: Sara SaiMohan (
Date: Thu Nov 16 2000 - 22:54:10 CST

Thank you for the quick response from Richard, Yeah I tried installing using
the Install_patch script, so now I installed using the Patchadd -u option

The second problem, was it was unable to resolv the DNS server which was why
it took so long, so we rearranged the DNS. and everything is working fine.

Special thanks to Richard for the prompt reply. and also to all those who
are yet to see the problem and want to reply.


>an error 2 is not a bad error, it just means that the patch is already
>installed. You should wait until the entire cluster is installed before
>you reboot. I suspect you interupted during a patch install, and thus
>only half of it was there.
>I would go to re-install the cluster and wait till the whole thing is
>done - they can take quite some time depending on the system
>being used.
>Otherwise, look in the messages log (/var/adm/messages) for
>hints as to what might be going wrong. For example, it might be a
>problem with any NIS services on the system, or with DNS name
>resolution that is causing the problem.
>Good luck!

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