[SUMMARY] NIS+ installation problem

From: Robert Polasek (robert.polasek@trintech.com)
Date: Thu Nov 16 2000 - 09:17:09 CST

Thank to Stuart Reggie, who has helped me to solve this problem. I include
relevant parts of our correspondence, which can be helpful at solving NIS+
related problems.

Did you change the name of this server? Go into the directory
cat the hosts file in this directory and make sure it matches the
unqualified name of the machine ("working", as opposed to
"working.on.this.net."). If not, fix it. I think bouncing rpcbind will
make the change take effect. Make sure is the localhost entry
/etc/hosts (happens to the best of us).

Go up to /etc/rpc, and do the same procedure for the other two directories.
Get the name of the machine in these files:

/etc/hosts in format ip<tab>name
Make sure there is an entry for "localhost" before this entry.

Put the machine name back in hostname.hme0 (crucial for nis+)

Make sure the hostname is also in /etc/nodename

Make sure nsswitch.conf is set to use files.

Have you been able to do a normal ping on "localhost" or machine name?

What does the file /etc/resolv.conf have for entries? This is where dns
names are handled, but that maybe part of the problem depending on you
nsswitch setup.

There should be something in /var/adm/messages to indicate what specifically
is unhappy.

I hate to say go back to start, but you might want to try the "sys-unconfig"
(maybe _ instead of -) to blow away all customizations. When I do OS
installs, I always tell it to use files and then configure nis+ later
because I have had problems with the auto-setup before.

I am not sure what else to try, but I know you are introducing more problems
by putting the ip into hostname.hme0. nis+ is very picky about the ".".
Please double check, the /etc/hosts entry for the machine name needs be
exactly like the entry hostname.hme0, /etc/net/tic*, /etc/nodename, etc.
Reboot the machine and watch all the "set -x" stuff.

Original question
Hello everybody,

I've installed NIS+ with nissetup script. In a final stage of this procedure
I had a problem, that access rights was setup to decline my access. I
decided to remove it, and to install it again. I folloved recomended
cp -p /etc/nsswitch.files /etc/nsswitch.conf
rm /etc/.rootkey
kill all NIS processes
rm /var/nis/.*
rm -r /var/nis/*
I have started new instalation once more. But everytime I get a message t r
i n t e c h . c o m. : NIS+ servers unreachable (trintech.com. is my NIS+
domain) It is response from any NIS client program (e.g. nismkdir, niscat
...), even NIS server is running at this time. I also checked rpcinfo, but
answer also looks well. No error messages are written to syslog during
startup or run of NIS server. I used program truss to find out what's going
on. Both rpc.nisd and nismkdir work with device /dev/ticlts, but I don't
know how to find out what data are sent to and received from this device.
Has anybody know, how to trace data sent to this device file, or what I have
to do to correct problem with installation NIS+?
Thank you in advance.


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