SUMMARY: Sun Hardware Maintenance

Date: Thu Nov 16 2000 - 06:17:31 CST

I requested information about third party companies that
provide Sun hardware maintenance. It was difficult to find
these companies. I was going to summarize but instead I
decided to launch a web site with the information about
the third party providers:

  - Third Party HardWare or

I requested a quote from several of the third party companies
for a contract that would cover over 100 Sun workstations.
I received several quotes and the discounts range between
20% to 89% off the SunSpectrum list prices. Here are some


SS5 Silver $138 $15 89%
SS20 Silver $145 $19 87%
Ultra 10 Silver $78 $10 87%

SS5 Bronze $113 $13 88%
SS20 Bronze $118 $16 87%
Ultra 10 Bronze $63 $11 82%


These are monthly prices. The Sun prices are list prices.
3P means Third Party. The 3P prices are discounted prices.
These are prices from different companies, that is why the
Ultra 10 Bronze price is higher than the U10 Silver price.
This is on a volume contract. Bronze is a self support or
depot service. Silver is an on-site service. If you have only
one or two systems you will probably not get the volume prices.


The features of this web site are:

  Links to the Third Party Companies.
  Your Quote Request is e-mailed to many of the 3P companies.

Please send me information about companies that are not on
the web site. Please send me the URL, the e-mail address to
the sales dept. and the classification: US National, Regional
or International. I would like to slowly build a catalog
of 3P companies.

Please feel free to request a quote for your Sun equipment.
Please do not send in bogus or test requests. If you have
several quotes from different vendors, you may be able to
obtain better prices by playing one company against another.

There are two projects that I would like to work on in the
future: Online-Prices and Multiplatform support. Can you
please give me some feedback:

1. Would you use an application that provided you with an
    online quote of third party company prices. Would cost
    be the main factor in selecting a third pary provider?

2. Is multiplatform support important to Sun managers?
    Is it essential that the company that services your Sun
    equipment also should service equipment from other vendors?

I would like to thank the Sun Managers that replied to my request
about Sun Hardware Maintenance:

Dona Ashcroft
Chang, Sam
David B. Harrington (David recommended 5 companies)
Prasad K. Dharmasena
Jason M. Feilbach
Narendra X Kumar
Moore, L. Bryan

I hope that this web site is useful.



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