SUMMARY : Redirecting a Printer

From: Stephen Johnston (
Date: Thu Nov 16 2000 - 04:30:53 CST


I have done this with a durty workaround!! As we have 2 print servers and it's
easy to redirect from one printer on one to another on the other I have

lpadmin -p printer2 -s 'printserver1\!printer1'


lpadmin - printer2 -s 'printserver2\!printer1'

on each server respectively.

Dirty but works I think.


Many people told me about lpmove - this moves jobs from one queue to another
once, not permenantly (and on Solaris has the side effect of disabling the
source printer)

One told me of editting the interface file in /etc/lp/interfaces/<printername>,
I recall doing this before but in this case for some reason it didn't work -
sigh :(

Anyway, thanks all for you help. The dirty workaround is ok for me at the
momment as I have 2 print servers and it's only temporary while a printer gets



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> Hi
> Just a quickie - can someone tell me how to redirect a printer to another
> printer on the _same_ server? I can do it to a different server with;
> lpadmin -p <printername> -s '<other server>\!<remote printer name>'
> I will summarise.
> T

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