[SUMMARY] Legato -vs- Veritas

From: Shannon, Ryan C (CORP, GEAccess) (ryan.shannon@geaccess.com)
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 16:49:24 CST

Many many apologies for the delay.

Thanks to:
Joel M Fisher
Suart Whitby
Gary Mulder
Chan Cao (x3!)
David Robillard
Deavid Day
Penny Jaye Deeney
Kevin Buterbaugh
Noetix IT staff
and to Michael Glassgow for poking me into action. Thanks. :)
sorry in advance if I missed ya.


I got far more 'gut feelings' reactions here than data. Out of all distinct
opinions presented only one was in favor of a Legato installation. The rest
generally expressed opinion towards Vertias (most) or another product (one
or two). I'm including some of the better statements that caught my eye.

a 'pro smartmedia' statement from Stuart Whitby [swhitby@legato.com]
> As someone who's done extensive real-world work with this, I can
> tell you that the latest versions of SmartMedia works fine to
> control drive sharing over a SAN - *IF* it's set up correctly.
> The only major crappy bit is that if it's not set up correctly, it
> doesen't tell you so, you just start seeing all sorts of strange
> problems, and you've got to go through and check each drive
> individually (which takes some time when 40+ machines are
> configured as storage nodes).

an 'anti-smartmedia' from Gary Mulder [gary@cgen.com]
> I worked at company that was integrating SmartMedia as a media management
> into thier product. It was buggy as hell and was a major cause of
> problems in their product. SmartMedia was originally written by SGI for
> ported to Solaris, then hacked and ported to NT. I would avoid any product
> based on it, including my former company's.

and another from Day, David [dday@sous.com]
> You will find very good cause for Legato not publishing
> too much on this issue. I was pushing hard for this
> technology early this year and ultimately found out
> implementation was too costly, required too much time
> and was not considered stable. When I contacted my
> Legato sales rep and advised him I had shelved my plans
> to add SmartMedia, he was in agreement.
> We are in process of migrating to Veritas as Legato is
> not scaling with our growth.

Again, sorry for the delay and good luck out there.

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