[SUMMARY] ~/.cshrc and perhaps a global one too?

From: Santosh Krishnan (santosh.krishnan@st.com)
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 15:44:48 CST

With your help and man pages, I found the following. Many of you
suggested that I create a global file with parameters that can be
sourced from the user's .login or .cshrc file. However, this is not
really a great solution because I would have to go into each user's
.cshrc file and tell it to source another file.

I found that creating /etc/.cshrc will allow me to accomplish my task.
There is a /etc/.login file, but that file is parsed only when there is
an interactive login. Starting an x-term is considered a
non-interactive login, and it only parses the /etc/.cshrc. So I would
have to put my commands in /etc/.cshrc and it would execute every time a
user started an x-term.


Santosh Krishnan

santosh.krishnan@st.com (949) 637-0160 - Voice 8008148094@airmessage.net - Pager

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