Summary: Any email virus scanner for mail server?

Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 03:24:55 CST


Original question:

> Is there any good email virus scanner (both freeware and commercial)
> that can scan email virus on mail server?
> I heard that this sun-managers mail list also use a
> email viurs scanner on a mail relay. Is it true?

I know that email virus does not inflect unix system much.
But most of our end-user are using their PC desktop to read
mail from our mail server. Hence, I want to install a email
virus scanner on our mail server/mail relay/mailing list server
so that we can block these potential email virus before they
can reach our end-user PC.

Thanks very much to all who responded. Now I have some pointers
to work with.

Here is the summary.



John Kerbawy
Might want to look into TrendMicro's InterScan.

There's a commercial available virus scanner called Interscan Viruswall
available from Trend Micro.
A trial version for 30 days is available for free, you can download it from
their site.




Jarrett Carver
cybersoft makes one. It can be used on the mail relay. You
will need to set-up you mail so that each mail is put through the scanner
before delivery. It has the ability to scan M$ attachments and the lot for
Macro viruses.

I think McAfee makes one as well for Unix. Have'nt used it though.

Stuart, Reggie
Don't think there is a virus scanner on this mail server as all the
microsoft mail users complained about a month ago about getting a virus from

unix does not have viruses, so you should look in pcland.

Doug Winter
frankly, i wouldn't bother with scanning for viruses - all the nasty ones
come through anyway.

better to strip all attachments, except those your business definately needs
- .doc, .xls, .txt etc. generally.

you can do this with procmail, and with a bunch of other filter type
programs. if you're interested i'll hunt down a few more.

Michael McCarthy
Have a look at Amavis is a shell script wrapper that
extracts mime attachments and then invokes one or more virus scanners.
There's also a perl version. Works with sendmail, qmail and postfix
(sendmail config is pretty tricky though). Doesn't have it's own virus
scanner but works with all/any of a comprehensive list of shareware and
commercial virus scanners. The CA InnoculateIT virus scanner is very good
and appears to be free (can't seem to find info about costs anywhere and it
can be freely downloaded along with latest virus patterns). See the amavis
pages for info.

>I heard that this sun-managers mail list also use a
>email viurs scanner on a mail relay. Is it true?

No, it's definitely not true. Every couple of months or so someone posts
virus infected attachments to this list.

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