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From: Hunter Hongtao Xu (
Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 19:35:56 CST

Hi, list:

Many thanks to Michael Grice, Pete Durst, Jeff Cole and Eric S. Bryant. I
might go with Solaris 7 now, as there is no book for Solaris 8 certification
FYI: HP has a certification which must be renewed by re-taking the exam
whenever a new certification program is out there, which is different for
Solaris that stick with the version of OS.

Thanks again.

My original question:
>I am an HP-UX admin, and I am looking into a path for Solaris
>as we might add some Sun box in the future. But I am confused by the
>of certification, Solaris 2.6 and Solaris 7.0. I do not understand why Sun
>provide two different paths at the same time. Could any body explain to me
>the difference between them? Which one is more popular?
Michael Grice <> Wrote:
As I understand it, Sun has one certification level for each OS they're
currently supporting. So you can get certified for Solaris 2.6, Solaris
7 and Solaris 8.


[This is the US version, but I imagine this applies elsewhere, too.]
Once you're certified for a particular version of the OS, your
certification doesn't expire; however, you are not certified for newer
versions of the OS. So a certification for Solaris 2.6 would not apply
to Solaris 7 or 8.

In my opinion, I would certify for either Solaris 7 or 8, but I don't
think it matters terribly much since mastery of either version should
indicate a mastery of the other, since they are still reasonably
similar. I wouldn't anticipate that you'd have too much difficulty with
your background.

Pete Durst <> Wrote:
Sun provides certification as a System Administrator and as a Network
Administrator for each version of the OS that has been released. Because
each version of the OS has differences from the previous versions, they
felt it necessary to certify on each release. To that end, they have some
rules that relate to the certification. First, once certified on a
particular release, you are certified forever. There are no expiry dates
on the certifications. Second, and this is a hard one, you can not be
grand-fathered from one certification to the next. For each release of the
software that you want to certify for, you must write/do the exams. I have
certified on Solaris 2.6 and Solaris 7. The exams are different and are
not related to each other directly. The supporting courses for each of the
exams is the basis for each of the exams. That is, the Sys Admin I course
for the Solaris 2.6 will provide all of the answers to the Solaris 2.6 Sys
Admin I exam. You do not need to have taken the courses to write the
exams, but it will help if you have. To become a certified System Admin,
you must write and pass the Sys Admin I and II exams for the version you
are interested in. To become a certified Network Administrator, you must
certify as a System Administrator and write/pass the Network administrator
exam (not necessarily in that order). The latest version of Solaris is
version 8, and the exams for that are due out early in the new year, if you
are interested in waiting for those ones.
"Cole, Jeff (PHH)" <> Wrote:
Solaris 2.6 and Solaris 7 (2.7) are two different versions of Solaris.
If you're going with brand new Sun machines, go with Solaris 7.
I took 2.6 as most of the Sun machines at my work then were running 2.6.
Eric S. Bryant <> Wrote:
Sun has two paths now--and another coming up! Solaris 8 (5.8). The v8 exams
due out in December. I am working 2.5.1 right now, but am preparing for the
exams as they will be the most current and "last" the longest. If you
know v6 or v7 inside and out you could go take the exams, I guess. But I'd
rather have the latest cert.

There are two certs and 3 exams:

Sun Certified Solaris Administrator (2 exams)

Sun Certified Network Administrator (1 exam)

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