SUMMARY: Removing pkgs from SUNWCreq in jumpstart.

From: Chris Josephes (
Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 10:47:12 CST

Initial Problem
When performing a Jumpstart install of a server using the SUNWCreq cluster,
an admin was unable to remove packages within the cluster such as
"SUNWqfed" (quad-fe drivers), even if the system didn't have a
quad fast ethernet driver installed.

My original query to the list was to determine whether or not this was the
expected behavior of Jumpstart, and if there was any way around it.

I received feedback from the following people:

Tim Evans <>
Charles M. Atkinson <>
John Weekley <>
Darren Dunham <>
Willi Burmeister <>

Everyone confirmed that Jumpstart will not let you remove packages from
the SUNWCreq cluster. John W recommended using a finish script to
perform the removal process. Willi B said that the .clustertoc.dynamic file
(<image>/Product/locale/C/.clustertoc.dynamic) could be edited to alter the
definition of the SUNWCreq metacluster. I'm not sure if I like the idea of
editing that file, but it is an option.

Given this information, I have two choices:

1. Perform the removal of the packages in the finish script.

Put the following code in your finish script:

        nawk '$3=/delete/ && $1=/package/ {print $2}' > /tmp/rmpkgs
for i in `cat /tmp/rmpkgs`
        pkgrm -R /a $i

This will read your profile, and perform a pkgrm command on any package
you originally wanted to be deleted, but pfinstall wouldn't allow.
You will probably need to specify a special admin file to override
any prompting pkgrm will perform.

2. Ignore the installed packages.

A SUNWCreq is roughly 60 megabytes depending on how the dynamic cluster
testing goes. Removing the packages won't necessarily give me more
disk space, so is there really any benefit?

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