SUMMARY: machine loosing network connection under solaris 2.5.1? ??

From: German, Vinnie (VGerman@Nomurany.Com)
Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 10:06:04 CST

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Bill Armand []
Shaw, Marco []
Hashim Rais []
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Here is my original question:

> Hello,
> I will say I have about some 400 machines and in the last 3/4 months there
> had been two machines which had lost their network connections without
> any apparent reason, machine are not rebooting just had lost their network
> connection.
> I have all of these 2.5.1 machines patches the the Y2K level.
> So far I had not been able to identify the reason why this is happening
> but
> maybe
> this had happened to any of you out there and hopefully you might have
> and answer for this, Any ideas?
> Thanks in advance for your cooperations,
> Vinnie

        Eventhought I could not find an answer to my problem as to what is
causing it
        here is a solution to it so if it ever happen again the interface
could be brought up
        as soon as it goes down.

        The following script will monitor the port on the server, this will
be done at the

        # Checks for network connection with ping
        # If it can not ping router, ifconfig hme0 up

        ping 15 > /dev/null

        if ( $status != 0 ) then
           ifconfig hme0 up
           /usr/ucb/mail -s "`hostname` hme0 reset @ `date`"
youremailaddress < /dev/null

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