Summary: SRC/P problem

From: Sarandis Papanagnou (
Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 07:16:24 CST

Hello all,
I've got answers from two people (i guess that SRC/P is not so popular,
is it?):

Chris Cariffe <>
Sydney Weinstein <>

Chris told me that SRC/P cards are not sold anymore, which is half true:
Sun stopped shipments of SRC/P in early 2000 (???) but they have started
shipments again on August.
Sydney advised me to reconnect the "failed" submirror to the raid array
and that it shouldn't be a hardware's problem but a human's mistake.

Sun's callcenter has advised us simply to reboot the server and see if
it all comes back. Surprisingly, it did. Of course, this does not answer
why the problem did occur, but we are happy anyway :-) We installed
afterwards patch 109700 and now we are monitoring the system to see if
it happens again.

Sarandis Papanagnou

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