SUMMARY:share scsi disk storage

Date: Sun Nov 12 2000 - 15:12:57 CST

My question was:
I want to buy two SUN servers and a scsi disk storage (with 2
controllers) and I want share this storage with the 2 SUN servers but I
the Cluster software. I know that it's not posible to acces at the same
time to storage from the 2 sun servers , but Is posible to work with
servers (the two connect at storage) but only one is taking the

And , thanks very much at alll.
The answers have been:
 Have a look at, there cluster product is a
lot more affordable than the others.

Fletcher, Joe:
Yes it is. Several ways of doing it depending on what you want to do.
The main thing to watch for is to make sure the initiator
IDs on the host scsi adapters are different.
Thomas Anders :
The best way is to have an array with
two host channels that you can connect to each of the Sun servers
influencing each other. If the array has only one host channel
you need to connect both servers and the array in one scsi chain
which requires changing scsi-initiator-id on one server and makes
this scsi chain a SPOF. Even disconnecting one server for maintainance
or whatever is not possible/advisable with one scsi chain.
Ed Crotty:
you going to want to make sure you have the
scsi-initiator-id set to something different on one of the boxes..
you can accomplish this two ways :
one would be to set one of the boxes to a value of 6 (from the default
of 7) globally... you can do this via :
ok setenv scsi-initiator-id 6
but this can cause problems with things like the cdrom...
the other way to do it is to set only the card that is plugged into the
shared storage to a different value than 7... you can accomplish this
via the nvedit and then setting the use-nvramrc? true...
if you want more on the second option, i can type it out for ya (i
assume you might have gotten that answer by now tho..)

Rick von Richter:

You can do this without the cluster software. You must change the scsi
initiator ID of the controller on ONE of the servers so that it is
different than the other one. The default SCSI initiator id for a
controller is 7 so the other server must use a different id. We use 5
Don't use 6 as you will lose your CDROM.
To change the ID, go to the prom level (OK prompt) and use the command;
setenv scsi-initiator-id 5
The above command would change the id to 5. Replace 5 with whatever id
want to use. Obviously, don't set it to anything that is in use.
Then do a reconfigure reboot (boot -r).

Thanks too at: Stuart, Reggie; Gary Jenson ; David Foster;
Aine.Lynagh; German, Vinnie.


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