SUMMARY Nis+ with 2 million users

From: Joan Rebordosa (
Date: Fri Nov 10 2000 - 12:12:22 CST

Hi! My original message was:

> Hi! I'm trying to populate a NIS+ table from a passwd file with 2
> million lines. I use "nisaddent -f mypasswdfile passwd".
> I'm doing it in a freshly installed solaris 8 with nothing else running.
> The system is a E10k domain with a single systemboard, two 333 MHz CPU,
> 1gb Mem and connected to an A5000. Although the box is 66% idle it takes
> an hour to add 10000 users,
> so I guess it would take at least 8 days to finish. Is there any way to
> speed things up? I've tried with a shell script and "nistabladm -a..."
> and it runs pretty slow too.

I want to thank everyone for their help

Esther Muller and Paul Watson suggested splitting the file and running
more than
one nisaddent process. I've tried it and it works a little faster but it
improve with more than 2 process at the same time. I've made a perl
script that
does this, plus it issues a nisping every 5 minutes (without the nisping
the pro
cess would hang) and I left it running all weekend.

Daniel Polombo suggested using "nispopulate -u -F -p . passwd" but I
didn't get
any performance boost with it.

_Johan and Doug Winter suggested I/O and CPU problems but I re-checked
and the s
ystem is pretty idle.

Rick Robino, William Hathaway, Hendrik Visage, Yann Duplaix and "Marc I"
NIS+ limitations with a very large number of users and suggested using
LDAP inst
ead. Although I have +70,000 users in a production NIS+ (running off a
 domain) I also think that maybe NIS+ is not the right tool fot this job
so I'm
gonna install an LDAP server next week. I'm planning to try OpenLDAP and
one that comes with solaris 8. I could also try the IPlanet solution...
Do you g
uys have any recommendation about which LDAP server I should use?

Well, Thank you all again for your promptly answers.


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