ADDITIONAL SUMMARY: Identifying file from NFS File Handle.

From: Burke, Sean P SSI-ISEL-31 (
Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 01:35:51 CST

Some people have asked for the locations of fhfind and showfh. Sorry for not
including them in the original summary.

fhfind is a script that runs on Solaris. I found it at I just copied and
pasted it into a file and made it executable. Usage is fhfind filehandle.

showfh is a binary and is ONLY available on SunOS. The exe is located in
/usr/etc - for this, you also need to start an rpc daemon called rpc.showfhd
and is also in /usr/etc. Usage is showfh localhost filehandle. There is a
man page available on SunOS.


> A good simple summary but where is fhfind? I've never used it so I'd
> like to see what its about. I'd assume its a wrapper to 'find' but
> I'd still like to look at it.
> David Evans

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