Summary: NIS+ Replica Server

From: Koonz, Jay (
Date: Wed Nov 08 2000 - 11:20:53 CST

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I have a NIS+ master server that's been running for a couple months. I just
created a replica server. If I do a "nisping <domainname>" on the master
server, or the replica server, or any of the clients; they all show the
master and replica servers.
But if I reboot the master server, everyone hangs untill it's back up.
Nothing seems to switch to the replica server. I assumed the switch would be
automatic and transparent from the master to a replica. Yes / No ?
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What I found out was that NIS+ will NOT use a replica server if you have
password ageing turned on. I ended up using the nistbladm command to change
the shadow field for each user in the password table to turn password-ageing
off temporarily. Because of what this NIS+ domain is used for, that wasn't a
problem. I was then able to halt the master server box and the clients would
use the replica server for logins after that. If seemed to take a minute the
first time on each client (I figured the client had to first figure out the
old NIS+ master was down, then ask the replica) but after that it was fine.

Thanks for the replys and for the help from SunSolve and for the command
wandering I ended up doing to find something that worked. 8-)

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