SUMMARY:Solaris 2.6 disk space and Oracle 8.05

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Date: Wed Nov 08 2000 - 07:46:06 CST

I want to thank everyone for their help! Pretty much everyone had a correct
solution. Oracle still had the file open due to a remote sqlplus connection.
A `fuser -c /filesystem` showed the process that had the file open. Killed
the process and all is well

thanks again for the great help!

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Subject: Solaris 2.6 disk space and Oracle 8.05

Question regarding Oracle 8.05 on Solaris 2.6. My dba feels the OS is to
blame for the problem and I don't believe so. In a ufs filesystem, there is
an Oracle data file that occupies 90% of the filesystem. The dba has dropped
the tablespace within oracle and deleted the datafile, which was the *only*
file in this filesystem). However, a `df -k` still shows that 90% of the
filesystem is being used!! Does anyone have an idea why? I believe that
Oracle still has a reference of some sort to this removed file. I asked the
dba to shutdown the database to see if it frees the spae but unfortunalty we
can not do this right now. Has anyone experienced this situation before
and/or ave any remedies?

thanks in advance and I will summarize!

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