SUMMARY: SSA Advise needed!

From: Chandrasekhar Kalle (
Date: Tue Nov 07 2000 - 14:18:48 CST

Thanks to all who replied. There were big differences
in opineon on Q#3. I am adding the answers
that worked for me below:

=>1. Is there an "export" version of Solaris 8?
=> I only see a "worldwide" version on
=> On a totally off topic note, will I have
=> any customs export problems if I ship
=> the Ultra-2 with Solaris 8 English version
=> outside the US?

The Worldwide version works. Add support for
region (in my case, Asia) during installation.
No problems shipping the configuration to
India, thats the country I am shipping this
system to.

=>2. Do I have to purchase a license to use Veritas
=> with the SSA? Veritas does not complain
=> about licensing if installed on a system connected
=> to an A5000 series array..

The answer is NO! (A lot of people said yes).
Veritas VM generates a license (in /etc/vx/elm
directory) when you run vxinstall, if it detects
the photon line (A5x00) and SSA (these are the
only two arrays that don't leed a license).
=>3. The SSA currently has 18 4.2 GB drives, and 12
=> open slots. Can I use 9 or 18 GB plug-in Sun
=> drives in those open slots (basically mix
=> 4.2 and 9.1 GB drives in the SSA?)

Popular vote: You can use 9 or 18 GB drives, but it is
*strongly* not recommended. I used only
4.2 GB drives in the array. Serves the
=>4. Does the SSA support 18 GB drives? Can I use
=> the same drives that can be used on an Ultra
=> in the SSA?

Same as answer to Q#3.
=>Sorry to bother you guys with so many questions..
=>Basically I've never worked with SSAs and dont
=>know the answers, and I dont have to much time
=>to search/research...
=>Thanks in advance, and I will summarize.

Once again, thank you very much all!


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