SUMMARY:wu-ftp 2.4.2/2.6.1on solaris 2.6

From: John Black (
Date: Tue Nov 07 2000 - 10:45:58 CST


First of all I would like to thank all those who responded.

Rick von Richter <>
Darren Dunham <>
Barry Gamblin <
"Christopher L. Barnard" <>
"Evans, Tim" <>
Ric Anderson <ric@Opus1.COM>
Stacey Conrad <>
David Foster <>
Derrick Daugherty <>
Don Krause" <>
Tim Carlson <>
James Ford <>
"Perrier,Kent - PLANO" <>
Moti Levy <>
Don Cary Grant <>

Actually I failed to understand the ~ftp directory. My directory hierarchy
was as given below:

/export/home ......contained all home directories of ftp users.
/export/home/ftp .....anonymous ftp user home directory
/export/home/ftp/bin ..bin directory as mentioned in FAQ for wuftpd.
/export/home/ftp/usr .usr directory as mentioned in FAQ for wuftpd.
/export/home/ftp/etc ..etc directory as mentioned in FAQ for wuftpd.
/export/home/ftp/dev directory as mentioned in FAQ for wuftpd.

My mistake was that the user's home directories were not beneath the
/export/home/ftp directory which I was chrooting users to.

As soon as I received the replies from above said friends, I realized my
mistake. Then I chrooted users to /export/home directory and created bin, dev,
etc, usr directories beneath /export/home (not beneath /export/home/ftp). and
then everything worked fine. dir command is now functioning fine as is the

'ls' is built in to the binary, but 'dir' is done by calling the external
/usr/bin/ls program. Although I copied 'ls' and related libraries in bin and
usr/lib directories under /export/home/ftp yet these were not accessible by
ftp users as their home directories did not lie under the chrooted

Thank you very much once again for the support which enabled me to realize my

John Black.

Original Post 2:

This is my 2nd mail. Thank you very much the prompts responses from so many
friends. Almost all the replies advised me to upgrade to wu-ftp version
which I have done. But still the problem exists.

After installation of wu-ftp version 2.6, I can log on successfully as a ftp
user, I can put or get successfully, I can do an "ls" and can see the files
successfully, but when I give dir command it apparently works fine ( I mean
does not give any error message) but it does not give any file listing. I am
running wu-ftp to allow users to upload their pages on the web server so I am
running in restricted mode. I want to give access to only guest users (not
anonymous or real local users).

If I do not run in restricted mode then "dir" works ok and gives the normal
directory listing. Is the dir command disabled in restricted mode? Is it that
much dangerous? It should not be....I beleive that it should work even in
restricted mode.
Original Post 1:

We are an ISP and offer ftp accounts to users. I am running wu-ftp version
2.4.2 beta on solaris 2.6. The problem is that "dir" command is not
functioning in ftp session. Whereas "ls" is working fine. Most ftp clients
like Cute FTP use "dir" command so they do not run with our wu-ftp server.
Please advise on how to enable "dir" command in wu-ftp 2.4.2 beta.

I will summarize.

John Black

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