SUMMARY Cannot boot up sparc5 and get probe-scsi errors

From: Dave Petersen (
Date: Mon Nov 06 2000 - 17:33:47 CST

To reiterate:
We have a SPARCstation 5 that will not boot. It is running SunOs 4.1.4.
We set auto-booting to false, did a reset and ran probe-scsi again with the following message:


We have reset all the scsi cables, power cycled all peripheries and the
workstation with no luck. The boot drive is internal so we tried disconnecting the scsi cable
but we get the same results. At the moment a cd drive is not available, so we have not been
able to try to boot from the cdrom.

Thanks for the responses from:
Brett Lymn <> check one device at a time, look for clashes
Martin Meadows <> reset and then do probe-scsi
"Kulp, Scott (Scott)** CTR **" <> check scsi card, check individual devices
Edwin Vazquez <> bad drive, boot from CD

The consensus was to check individual drives, make sure all jumpers, connections, etc are ok.,
with the most likely suspects being bad cables, bad drive or bad scsi controller.

It turned out that we had both a bad scsi cable and an intemittantly bad drive. The combination of the
two apparenly caused probe-scsi to fail. Why we couldn't do a probe scsi when all cables were
disconnected is a mystery because the bad drive and cable are external, (unless I just screwed up
when doing that test, which is a perfectly logical explanation).

Anyway, thanks to all who responded.

David Petersen
Larson Davis

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