SUMMARY: Unisys to Sun Problem

From: John Beaulieu (
Date: Sat Nov 04 2000 - 16:29:56 CST

Thanks for all that offered advice:

Basically, I was told to review the "tcopy" and "dd" commands. I will check
it out and if I find a successful solution I will update this summary and
send it back to the list.

Original Question:
We have a UNISYS A11 and A14 (please stop laughing). We have used the UNISYS
system copy command to backup to DAT tapes and I was wondering if anybody
new of any Unix utitilites that would allow me to read those tapes with my
Ultra5 and a DAT tape drive. I am interested in extracting EBCIDIC text data
files off of the tapes. I could just connect to the machines to transfer the
files but doing so has caused significant delays in currently running jobs.
It would be easier if I could get them from the tapes.


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