SUMMARY: Powerware Onlinet (Solaris) - battery time remaining

From: Imre Kolos (
Date: Fri Nov 03 2000 - 10:38:19 CST

Thanks to Ted Backherms and Kenneth D. Tobin for their answers !

The bad news came from Ted:

| If you are using Onlinet, the only way is to guess how long your
| battery will carry you and set shutdown accordingly. Unless you are
| using the most recent version of Centro and Vista, that configuration
| item will not "take" anyway, and will always revert to the default
| battery capacity (for me, 7 minutes capacity). Powerware has a good
| tech support team that has helped me many times with Centro/Vista. You
| can get to it from the Vista help menu, or go to and look
| for the number.

Kenneth pointed me to Stokely Consulting's UPS page, which is indeed
a good starting point for UPSs:


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[Pls. insert lame off-topic excuses], also, I hope these info can be
perhaps of use for other Sun managers too.

First though, I'd be grateful if somebody could point me to discussion
group for UPSs or UPS softwares ? I failed to find a related newsgroup.

- I'm looking for help using Powerware's Onlinet UPS software
(v4.0 for Solaris), esp. how to configure time on battery before
starting shutdown. My problem is that with this software I can not
set the shutdown time relative to battery time remaining, I'm
prompted to enter my guesstimation for total battery run time ! (?!?!?)

With the APC Powerchute the UPS calculates how long can the battery
supply the servers and shutdown is started when only a user specified
battery run time remains. Powerware's other UPS mgmt. software, LanSafe,
works the same way (but only with serial cable (no SNMP)).

We have Powerware 9305 40kVA UPS feeding 20 servers, so we need Onlinet
which can notify all the servers over SNMP. With 20 servers hooked on
the load of the UPS can vary a lot, not mentioning that sometime I might
want to add new servers/devices, it seems nonsense to me that I have to
guess/estimate the run time again and again (and reconfigure all servers).

Are there anybody useing Powerware UPS ? Onlinet ? Suggestions ?

thanks a lot!

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