SUMMARY: /var/sadm is too damn big

From: Erin Jones (
Date: Thu Nov 02 2000 - 14:42:52 CST

hey all,

original post included below.

thanx for the time. General consensus was NO do not erase things out of
/var/sadm. reasons varying from
"you won't be able to backout of patches" to "you won't be able to upgrade
older packages". what I did instead was to move the directory to another
disk w/ the following commands
# cd /var/sadm
# /usr/local/bin/tar cf - . | ( cd /usr/var/sadm ; /usr/local/bin/tar
vxf - )
# du -s /usr/var/sadm/ /var/sadm/
119214 /usr/var/sadm
119214 /var/sadm
# ln -s /usr/var/sadm/ /var/sadm

special thanx go out to erica fowler. I am going to include her message as
it included a great info doc.
also thanx to jeff kennedy for suggesting his way of paritioning a disk. it
won't work on this machine but it is an interesting idea:
> : Just for info, here's the way I do it assuming a 9gb drive:
> :
> : / 4gb starting cylinder of 0, ending cylinder of whatever.
> : /var 1gb + starting cylinder of (at least) 1000 higher than root's
> : ending cylinder
> : swap variable starting cylinder of (at least) 1000 higher than /var's
> : ending cylinder
> :
> : The reason for the cylinder gaps is so you can expand filesystems on the
> : fly into the unused space. 1000 cylinders is approx. 500MB.

for the record, I, and many others who wrote in, suggest giving /var it's
own partition. one reason was pointed out nicely by kevin buterbaugh:
> The problem is that /var was included with the root filesystem in the
> first place. That's an extremely bad idea, since, for example, /var/tmp
> world writeable, any local user can DOS the box. My recommendation would
> be to move /var to it's own filesystem. Depending on the server and what
> it's used for, we generally give /var it's own 500 MB - 1 GB filesystem.

thanx to all for you time

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Subject: /var/sadm is too damn big

: hey all,
: I went through the archives but i can't find the article pertaining to
: this.....
: my /var/sadm is too damn big. the tech that originally set up this
: gave / the following geometry:
: /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s0 144172 103938 25817 81% /
: ok, I am getting annoyed that when any of my logs or mail spool gets any
: size to them it fills up the filesystem. upon investigation I am seeing
: following culprits on my / partition
: 5556 etc
: 7364 kernel
: 17251 opt
: 5255 platform
: 5019 sbin
: 62926 var
: there are a few others but those compromise the bulk of it. the big one,
: /var, is almost entirely /var/sadm:
: 59607 /var/sadm
: is there anyway I can prune this directory safely?
: thanx for your help
: ej

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