From: Rich Quinn (
Date: Thu Nov 02 2000 - 13:18:06 CST


thanks to Richard, Seth, and David for their advice.

I had to reinstall the SUNWcsu and the SUNWarc packages to fix the
libraries that were clobbered by another Sysadmin installing the Solaris 7
SUNWcsl package on our 2.6 box.

Original Post follows:


We got us a big problem here.

We got our 2.6 box regarding which one of my System Admins was given a
last minute rush order.
He needed to install some stuff off the CDROM to get dial up networking to

He installed the usual packages, but they required another package called
SUNWcsl or was it SUNWcls.
Anyways, it is the solaris Core System libraries. Unfortunately, they were
the core system libraries for Solaris 7.

I try to do a number of commands to include the domainname command and I
get a core dump, and I can't even log in remotely. This is all, no doubt
due to the install of the Solaris 7 SUNWcsl package on a 2.6 box.

So he removed the SUNWcsl package and now gets core dumps for just about
everything he tries.
It cannot come up all the way and rejects even console logins.

The only way that I can get on the thing is to boot it up via single user

I tried looking for the SUNWcsl on the 2.6 CD and could not find it.

Not sure what to do here.

I'd be up for just about any piece of advice with the expection of S.O.L.

I don't wanna touch anything right now for fear I will break something.

Is there a related package(s) that I can readd from the 2.6 CDROM?

I realize this is a Fubar situation but there outta be some way out.

Perhaps I could slave mount the O/S drive to another 2.6 box and copy over
some key directories?

Any ideas?



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