Summary Final: Sun 5100 and NFS

From: Michael DeSimone (
Date: Wed Nov 01 2000 - 20:02:01 CST

Thank you managers,
I got a couple of responses but I finally figured it out on my own.
First my NFS permissions were wrong, I fixed them, and it helped some.
See - Summary: unable to retain file permission as root on an nfsmounted
filesystem, I helped on that answer
Then the weird part, I had my hme0 pegged wide open 100 MB fdx, like some
recommended. I changed via ndd to make the interface able to do any
speed(10/100 f/hdx and auto) and I fly getting full expected throughput. It
might be my Netgear (Bay Networks) switch, my guess, or a problem with
Solaris somewhere, if it was the latter I don't think we would see as many
recommendations to lock in at 100/fdx. If any one know for sure I would be
interested in knowing, if it is Solaris I am sure the list would like to

Thanks again,
Michael DeSimone
Computers and Stuff

> Original post at the end.
> My two responses pointed out that I was suffering a hardware,
> disk problem. After some research on Sunsolve I found that there were a
> couple of patches for the 5100 that fixed these errors, they were not
> actually hardware but OS/kernel related.
> Now I no longer get any of the original errors. But my NFS through put is
> amazingly slow. Over 3 hours to do 200 MB, all on the same network &
> with no other traffic. I have gone through the Answer book and implemented
> almost all of the NFS performance tuning suggestions with no noticeable
> improvement. I do have very heavy write traffic to the NFS server. Any
> additional suggestions for improving performance?
> I also see the following errors. Where my program is supposed to be trying
> to write is world writable, the entire path. It is writing multiple files
> an NFS mounted directory that is owned by the same user & UID on both the
> server and client, and the entire path to that directory is world
> Is there a way to find out where it is trying to write that is getting
> denied & what these errors mean, I haven't been able to find anything yet.
> Oct 30 12:04:47 mep-cn1 NFS3 write error on host pslab01: Permission
> Oct 30 12:04:47 mep-cn1 (file handle: 80000e 2 a0000 30873 6505e83c a0000
> 1bc143 1c7ae0b5)
> Oct 30 12:04:47 mep-cn1 nfs_bio: cred is not kcred
> Oct 30 12:04:47 mep-cn1 NFS3 write error on host pslab01: Permission
> Oct 30 12:04:47 mep-cn1 (file handle: 80000e 2 a0000 30876 6a771b64 a0000
> 1bc143 1c7ae0b5)
> Oct 30 12:04:47 mep-cn1 nfs_bio: cred is not kcred
> Thanks again in advance,
> Michael DeSimone
> Computers & Stuff
> Original Question:
> I have inherited a Sun 5100 with 14 36GB drives attached to a 220R via
> fiber. I am using Veritas on 12 of the disks in a Raid 0+1 arrangement.
> Everything on same subnet and same switch with little or no network
> other then what I am doing. Most of the files I am moving are rather
> 100+ MB to over a GB. Locally everything works great. When trying to mount
> this partition via NFS on the client I get NFS timeouts. On the 220 I get
> the following errors:
> Oct 25 11:22:24 mybox Unix: WARNING:
> /pci@1f,2000/SUNW,ifp@1/ssd@w21000020376c5bfd,0 (ssd12):
> Oct 25 11:22:24 SCSI transport failed: reason
> 'incomplete': retrying command
> Oct 24 20:21:14 mybox Unix: WARNING:
> /pci@1f,2000/SUNW,ifp@1/ssd@w21000020376c5bfd,0 (ssd12):
> Oct 24 20:21:14 SCSI transport failed: reason
> 'timeout': retrying command
> Using the NFS troubleshooting/tuning guide at
> and the Sun
> Answer Books
> I don't really see anything wrong by those guidelines.
> Is there anything else I should be looking for? Is there anything I should
> change no matter what my nfsstat reports? Is it just stupid trying to move
> files this large via NFS? Would going to a NetApp help?

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