summary: gtar problem

From: Santosh Krishnan (
Date: Wed Nov 01 2000 - 16:26:38 CST

Problem: While archiving a directory structure, the gtar program would
give an error message that amounted to it telling me I had passed an
invalid argument. However, this would be after it had successfully
tarred up files for over an hour.

It was also apparent that the directory tree was huge with a total size
in excess of 2 Gigs.

Solution: It was found that some of the files were static links to a
different location in the tree. While copying the tree at some point in
the past, the links were not duplicated correctly, and instead the files
they were pointing to were copied multiple times when in fact only the
links should have been copied. This inflated the size of the tree

This also resulted in the realisation that the gtar program had not been
compiled with the options to support over 2 Gigs of data. Thus the tar
program worked until it hit the 2 Gig limit and then gave the default
error message of invalid argument error.

However, this error message lead the engineering team to investigate the
tree and discover the redundancies in the links and copies etc., and
upon correction, the total size was under the 2 Gig limit, and so the
gtar program could be used without a recompile.

However, in the future, it would have to be recompiled to allow over 2
Gigs worth of data in one archive.

Thanks a lot for the help.

Santosh Krishnan

Santosh Krishnan (469) 693-7666 - Voice - Pager

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