SUMMARY: Unimplemented FCode token before address fff720a0

From: Timothy Lorenc (
Date: Mon Oct 30 2000 - 22:49:44 CST

THANKS go to:

Leonard, Roger []
check out there are a couple of these, some relating to
loose SCSI termination.

Kris, aka.
are you using an nvramrc script? If so, try disabling the script and

After doing some more detective work and using Roger's suggestion to check
SunSolve I found this Bug Report:

1237917 "Unimplemented package interface procedure" error message during
FCode selftest.

Work Around:
Remove all other PCI and UPA peripheral boards while running Pineapple FCode

So that made me start to investigate the actual hardware involved in the
upgrade process of the EPROM which is the removal of the Creator3D UPA
card to get to the write protection jumper. After very close examination of
small UPA connector pins, I discovered that two of the pins had gotten
together upon re-installation of the graphics card... so with the help of an
Exacto knive and minature pliers I straighten the pin and everything is


Hello SunManagers:

I am receiving the following error message on a
Sun Ultra 1 after upgrading the OpenBoot PROM to
the latest firmware level.

Unimplemented FCode token before address fff720a0
Warning: Fcode sequence resulted in a net stack depth change of 2
screen not found.
Can't open input device.
Keyboard not present. Using ttya for input and output.
Unimplemented FCode token before address fff720a0
Warning: Fcode sequence resulted in a net stack depth change of 2

I looked through the archives for any info on the above,
but came up dry. Has anyone else seen this message? Or would
know the solution to resolving the warning message...

The hardware configuration:
Sun Ultra 1 200E Creator
512MB RAM (8 - 64MB DIMMs)
FastWide SCSI/Fast Ethernet SBus card

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