SUMMARY: E450 won't recognize drives on expansion backplane

From: Jim Sauer (
Date: Mon Oct 30 2000 - 13:08:48 CST

I finally have a summary for this.

This turned out to be more an IBM problem than Sun.
The machine has ten 9-Gig IBM drives.
It turned out that even after the drives are "clicked"
properly in and the drive light comes on, they still
had to be pushed back a half inch deeper. The connectors
on the IBM drives are "short" so the drives need to sit back
deeper than most vendors drives. It's something that was not
self-evident to the Sun Service Engineer either. The lower
backplane connected better than the expansion plane for some reason.
Sounds like IBM drives are NOT a favorite of Sun Service.



I have an Ultra E450 with a 4-slot UltraSCSI backplane and
an expansion 8-slot UltraSCSI backplane. I've opened the case
and it is properly connected/cabled as per the manual.

There are 10 total drives (4 on original backplane / 6 in expansion).
All "connected" drive lights are on.

I've run "boot --r" and other cmds that do the same function.
I've looked at /kernel/drv/sd.conf and that is okay.

All I can see are the 4 disks in the original backplane.
"format" only shows those 4 disks.

Is there something I'm missing to "see" the other six disks?


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