SUMMARY: Solaris 8 x86 FCS, problems with smp

From: Serg `Ice` Tsyganenko (
Date: Mon Oct 30 2000 - 12:53:17 CST

Looks like the problem was in incorrect ICP RAID array drivers initilization.

First, i've set "Do processor reset at next boot" option in BIOS to Yes.

After test boot from first CD ( NOT Install CD, but Software CD 1 ) psrinfo reports
two processors ( 8-\ ).

After booting from installed solaris i've noted a random "short read" messages and
no second cpu again. So the problem was in incorrect kernel linking ( looks like
some of "short read" affects several kernel modules ).

Thnx ICP-Vortex - they quickly sent me reply for my Solaris 8 x86 drivers request
( for their raid controller ). There are no drivers for Solaris 8 x86 on - only for Solaris 7. And Solaris 8 install have problems when
using solaris 7 driver floppy. My fault - it is a not a hard task to make driver
disk for solaris 8 using solaris 7 diskette as starting point ( just some correction
in pathnames and replacing 27 to 28 in info files ). Anyway original drivers from
vendor is a better choice.

After full reinstalling using right drivers - psrinfo reports two cpus. System now
works in test mode, none faults/errors noted.

Also be warned that unconfigured ICP-Vortex raid controller causes hang of
Configuration Assistant during SunOS secondary Boot phase.

Original Question follows:

> We have such configuration:
> Solaris 8 x86 FCS
> Intel L440GX+ motherboard
> 2 x P-III 600MHz
> L440GX+ motherboard listed in HCL ( but with 2 x P-III 550MHz ).
> Solaris doesn't see second cpu.
> No messages regarding second cpu in dmesg, psrinfo reports 0 is
> online since blah-blah-blah and no information about second
> cpu.
> Does anybody have any idea what happened?

ice at terranet dot kiev dot ua,

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