SUMMARY : Creation of customized bootable Solaris 8 CD-ROM (access to VxVM root)

From: Luc Michaud (
Date: Thu Oct 26 2000 - 14:49:45 CDT

Thxs to
Richard Ashton,
Charles Seeger,
Arthur Darren Dunham, and
Grant Lowe

Here's in my words the answer from the latter 2 :

Encapsulated rootdisk can be mounted directly from the cdrom, after a
"boot cdrom -s". Since the rootvol is not a VxFS (thus is not
logged), a fsck may be required, but nothing else.

We've tested this procedure successfully since.

Find enclosed below the original question :

> We're in the process of installing new EX500 file servers and have
> encapsulated the root device using VxVM.
> Now, the issue is that, to access the VxVM-encapsulated / filesystem
> from a CD-ROM boot
> (in case of catastrophic failures/goofups), it seems that there is a
> very tedious
> procedure involving adding VxVM CD-ROM after the Solaris.
> My question is : has anyone sucessfully created a customized bootable
> Solaris CD-ROM or,
> even better, one that includes VxVM ? If so, how ? Is it legal ?

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