SUMMARY: routing twice

From: Rick Francis (
Date: Wed Oct 25 2000 - 22:29:29 CDT

trust is a funny thing -
laying out our network, the router admin setup up a /24 broadcast for our
inside internet router without any static routes. these static routes
delivered back to subnets not directly connected to the router's subnet
(hence the proxy, dmz's).

adding these static routes for these subnets allowed traceroute, telnet,
ftp, nslookup to work from the proxy subnet to the internet.

i found this out by setting up a snoop -d window on each interface of the
proxy and both firewalls; all i got was unidirectional traffic when it
originated from the proxy; but bidirectional traffic when it originated from
the firewall. this told me that only the router's subnet was working

thank you for all your correct answers.

case closed. rf.

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